DropBook 1.6

It converts text files with PML format (Palm Markup Language) into Palm OS
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This application allows you to convert text files (TXT) using PML format (Palm Markup Language) into PDB files (Palm OS) in order to read books with eReader application in your Palm. You just need to drag and drop the file you wish to convert into the main window or click the "make Book" button in the main window. After this, the "Book info" window will appear. You need to specify the name of the book, this will be the name showed in the Open Book dialog in eReader. Also you have the option to enter the Author name, Publisher, Copyright, and ISBN. You can add some features to the converted file: Include page tables, build unencrypted book, build encrypted book, build locked book. With the option Build locked book the field password will be unlocked (the password must consist of exactly 8 alphanumeric characters), and build dictionary. If an error occurs in the moment of conversion you will be notified, the DropBook Error window will appear with the list of errors. There is also the option Overwrite existing file to avoid having duplicated converted files. OS Supported: Windows and Macintosh.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can drag and drop TXT files to convert in to the main window


  • Tables can be difficult to represent
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